, where we know japan has more to it than just pocky, hot guys, and plenty of magical girl anime. Stuff on life in Japan, study abroad and homestay in Japan, dating Japanese boys in Japan, apartment shopping in Japan, and Japan.
fuckin' itai!!! GAI-GIN.COM ROCKS!!!
fuckin' itai!!!
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comic updated once or twice a week!! sorry for the slowdown -- school and fandom are bogging me down. forgive me!
it's about japan, but you still read it L-->R, mmkay?
comic time: september 2005



who said what about gai-gin!?
"Hahaha your comic has seriously made me so paranoid ;-;" - Katy (SCORE!)

"[Gai-Gin] is very well done, and I am actually buzzing with impatience to read the rest of it. Her website also has links & resources of all kinds, including a section called "So You're Thinking of Overstaying Your Visa..." Whoever is interested in Japan and what it really feels like to live there... check this out!!" -Lorenzo, Past Coordinator of the Japan Studies Program at TIU (JSP)

"What I like about your strip are both the engaging characters and your warm and sympathetic treatment of cultural differences. Keep up the fine work!" -Bill Holbrook, of Kevin and Kell

"About a week ago I received an application for JSP that contained the following statement:  "I heard about the Japanese Studies Program through the webcomic Gai-Gin." So I wondered what the hell gai-gin was, and google once again saved the day. I enjoyed your comic very much, and from one gaijin to another I think you do a great job of honestly translating the experience that is Japan. Thanks."
-Matt, Current Coordinator of the Japan Studies Program at TIU (JSP)

AUGUST: Sorry to take most of this month off, but now vacation is over and its back to buisness! :D

JULY: WHOOHOOO SPORATIC UPDATING!!! i'll try to keep up once a day updating for july, since august will be CRAAAAZY as pyon an i head to america for a month. say hi to us at otakon!

JUNE: after a short break we're back in gear. wheeee! can school be over now? :<

MAY: oops, i didn't post an news update for may since there is none. well! i'll be doing some big additions to fan-art and such. some new characters are also coming in soon. enjoy!

APRIL: happy april! school starts again soon for me, meaning, weirdly enough, i can update LESS sporadically, and closer to once every day routinely again. yay!

MARCH: (24th) I love this fanart! Check out all our fanart! Happy Easter, BTW. Uploaded old art from myself, too!

(1st) Sorry for two days without comics! I was on a plane back to JAPAN. Man, it feels good to be back. I'll do my best to stay on track with updating. We're heading into rocky territory now! Also, I am always updating the ART PAGE, and otherwise not much else is new. I am looking for MORE AND MORE FAN ART, I love this stuff to death, so keep it coming and thanks so much to everyone reading!

FEBRUARY: Happy February! On this day itself there is no new comic - BUT! There is plenty of other updated stuff, like a ton of new Fan Art and Still Art, updated Character Page, Updated FAQ, Updated NIPPON Section - finally, I wrote "NARA Is better than everybody's Mother!". Go check it out! Also, I will be going back to America for most of February, but fear not, the comic will continue to be updated around 5 times a week. I am also going to Katsucon - refer to the cosplaying Gin to your left to see how you can get some crappy Gin art if you go as well! Hope to see you there!

JANUARY: I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF FINALS D: only one week to go, but updates have been sporadic... i apologize! i also drew all of these strips way ahead of time knowing i'd have no time to draw during the tests, so i am sorry for some shoddy artwork. ill digitally edit them to be as pretty as possible!

ADDED the "LJ people" project i did a year or so ago to the art page!
updates may be closer to the 4 times a week as opposed to the 7 times a week i've been upholding, as i have finals all this month. once finals are over though i should be plowing full speed ahead with 7 a week again. welcome to everyone who arrived from deviantart! thanks for the emails and IMs, i really appreciated them. hope you enjoy the comic!

: well, i am writing this and it is still november, but not for long. i am going to kansai for a wedding, and so i will try to update the site the week i am gone, but if i can't, i'll still post to my LJ with comics. two comics today since i was late yesterday. new section!

NOVEMBER: well, here we are in november. i did a major overhaul on the visa overstay article! and i will be adding fanart to the art page, so keep an eye out, yaaaaay! please send in fanart if you wish, we are quite lacking. EDIT: NEVERMIND no longer lacking. i love you people.

OCTOBER: got a ton of new comics up. some are going to be serious this month. whoo-hoo! i'm currently updating every day despite school because i WANT TO CATCH UP TO MYSELF! but i am now officially two years behind.... CAN THIS BE DONE?!

MARCH: I've been updating once a day but starting April it'll be once or twice a week thanks to school D: Anyway I have a new section for ART!!! on the site, enjoyz plz. :3 It includes the ANIMATED GAI-GIN THEME!!!

FEBRUARY: Going back and adding some stories I left out from when I first got to Japan. You can view them above. I wasn't ready to tell some of these more personal stories when I started the comic so I left them out. Now here they are.

JANUARY: Long vacation. Sorry :D. This is still kind of a private, friends-only project right now, so bear with me :D

NOVEMBER: Yay! Comic is public with an archive of 13 full color strips to present itself nicely with. Hope everyone enjoys. Took me about 53 cans of Diet Pepsi to get this up and running for public viewing (I wish I was lying). Please contact me with any feedback or suggestions!

Wonder if I can keep this up.

OCTOBER: Hello and welcome. I just opened up this website, it is brand new, and so the archive is tiny. Pity it. I'm working on writing lots of interesting stories and articles for everyone to enjoy. Please enjoy!!

The point of this comic is to draw and write in comic form the stories of Gin's (my) life from the past year. So the entire comic is one year old. This is why I rushed to get introductory comics stored in the archive so I could begin stories from this past October. Why one year ago? The lessons I learned when I first got to Japan are priceless and, I think, important for fans of Japan to learn about. I've also been kicked out of Japan for exactly one year, so by the time you get to read about that story in these comics, I will be back home in my apartment in Asaka-shi, Saitama.

More news to come later. We shall see if anything interesting develops.

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