, where we know japan has more to it than just pocky, hot guys, and plenty of magical girl anime. Stuff on life in Japan, study abroad and homestay in Japan, dating Japanese boys in Japan, apartment shopping in Japan, and Japan.
fuckin' itai!!! GAI-GIN.COM ROCKS!!!
fuckin' itai!!!
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gaijin means "foreigner" or literally "outside person" (gai and jin).
gin is my name. it's a pun, you see. yeah.*
(*skip down to the FAQ)

You think you know about Japan, punk?
(That was said with a wince and a small pathetic wave to all who have been in Japan longer than me).
Gai-Gin is the story of Gin, a girl trying to make life in a country that.... is special, very very special in many ways. Gin is me, and that country is the ever masturbated over Japan, and I am writing this story about my life. It starts the day I landed in Japan a month early of my first semester of school here, and once I have caught up to present day I will continue, because I could be in Japan for ten years and still have interesting stories pop up. It is merely one way to record my story. I have a love-hate relationship with the country, and it will show very clearly in the comics. They are not all funny, but they are all how I feel. My goal is to record basic facts and my own feelings about life in Japan for people considering a move there to read before making the choice. My expieriences, however, came about because of my own personality and my own chosen path, and nobody else's Japan story will turn out the same, I guarantee it.

This is based on a True Story.
This comic is a little different from most, because it is almost almost all true, based on real stories, real quotes, and real happenings. Most editing done is to create a more humorous punchline, and the names/appearances of people who will be Gin's enemies have been changed. All of the characters are real people who lived events just like these. Gin is a real girl who really lives in Japan, therefore, unlike other comics about Japan where the artist has never been to or merely visited the country, the things expressed in these stories are all true about Gin's Japanese Life and the lives of other foreigners, exchange students, teachers, and Japanese people in Japan, and are written with an understanding of how it is for real. This is my life as I lived it. Yet because nobody's Japan story is the same, the best way to learn is to pay attention to the lessons this story attempts  to teach, and come to Japan for yourself. If you think my story is too negative towards the country, you are correct. I had a hard time adjusting when I first arrived. Which brings us to...

The Purpose of Gai-Gin.
I am writing this comic to teach and entertain anyone with an interest in Japan, or anyone who just loves comics. My art isn't too great and neither is my writing, but the point here is not to make a popular, beautiful webcomic. I do not pay for advertising now and then so that I can have MOST BEST LOVED COMIC EVER. I do it in the hopes that people will read, believe, and learn something new. Japan is too popular itself and too few Japanophiles really know anything about it! I just hope anybody thinking of going to Japan - as a tourist, teacher, student, otaku, or to pick up a Sexy Asian Lover, can read these stories and be aware of the silliest (and most dangerous) mistakes we gaijin make. Don't be as stupid as I was when I first got here! These are real expieriences, and they are sometimes funny, but man, some of them were nothing but humilating or terrifying at the time. Looking back or looking on, it can be laughed at. Don't make yourself into comic fodder! Love and respect Japan and its people for how ancient - and hilarious, and fun, and crazy, and weird - it is.

This is a list of questions I get asked fairly often. If it's a question about Japanese or Japan itself, try looking at the Japan Basics page.

Q. Why do you spell the word gaijin wrong?
Because it's a pun on the word gaijin and the name Gin. In English letters (romaji), jin and gin are said the same, but if you type that in Japanese - ジン and  ギン, "gin" is pronounced "geen" (like geek). In Japanese Gin spelled for correct pronouciation is ジン, the same as the jin (人) in gaijin (外人). The pun starts here. Some Japanese folks on 2chan discussed having seen me at a Kenichi Ito live, during which he spoke to me from stage. This pissed them off (as they were jealous), so in that thread they called me 害ジン. This word is pronouced gaijin, just like the word for foreigner, but the gai (
害) kanji, although pronounced the same, basically means "bad or evil", and the jin is spelled like Gin's name is. "Bad Gin"! Therefore, the kanji name for this comic is 害ジン (this is what the title would look like if ever translated into Japanese). As Gin is spelled Gin in English, I left it as Gin in the romaji title - but remember, don't type "gaigin" in Japanese! In Japanese the word for foreigner is spelled "gaijin"! Don't make the mistake because of my stupid pun. ;)

Q. Why do you live in Japan if you hate it?

A. I don't hate Japan! I just want people to understand the side of it that isn't as well known in Anime/Manga/Videogame fan circles. No, no, I like Japan a lot. The comic is lagging about 2.5 years behind my actual life... and is going to go through a period of time when Gin becomes very jaded and slightly racist towards Japan and it's people, due to a lot of varying bad expieriences. Why don't you read and see what comes of it? :D

Q. This comic can't really be ALL real stories! How much is REALLY true?
The basic storyline of this comic and all characters are real (except for the one exposed to be fake). Most quotes and things said are also real, repeated as best I remember them, and only edited slightly for a punchline on occaision. If you think it's hard to believe - imagine how much weirder it's been to live! I didn't decide to make my life into a comic because I have an extremely boring life! Gai-Gin is easy for me to write, because the story has already happened :D

Q. Is Miki real? What is she? I don't get it.

A. She is real, she's a zombie, and if you don't get it, try harder D: Check out her character bio.

Q. Do your "enemy" characters know about this comic?
A. As far as I know, yes - one of them was still not officially out of my life when I began the comic, and was happy with her character design. I'm not sure if they have read it all or even care, but they are aware of it. I feel like they wouldn't understand much of it even if they did decide to sit down and read it, but who knows? I've changed their names and for the most part, their appearances, and also left out details about their family life, so they are protected from flames and other sort of meanness.

Q. You are from the U.S., right?
A. Yes, I am from Pennsylvania.

Q. How long HAVE you been in Japan?
A. About 3 years total.

Q. How did you go to Japan in the first place?
A. I don't like this question. What does it mean? I came on a plane with my savings. I was in a language program called JSP.

Q. Are you fluent in Japanese?
A. Now I am. I wasn't when the comic started.

Q. Are you still with Pyon?
A. Yes.

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