, where we know japan has more to it than just pocky, hot guys, and plenty of magical girl anime. Stuff on life in Japan, study abroad and homestay in Japan, dating Japanese boys in Japan, apartment shopping in Japan, and Japan.
fuckin' itai!!! GAI-GIN.COM ROCKS!!!
fuckin' itai!!!
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fan art
by Jaimonster!--by Kakurenbo Noizu!--by Broadwaystar12!--by Kanamai!--by Katy!!!--by Soujiro Seta!--by Alice!--by Master Of Mon!!--by Soshi!--
by Blue Leopard!--by TrueBeat!--by Musachan!--by Miss Moonsault!--by AmberTDD!--by luffyewwhore!--by Lineaalba!--by SapphireLuna!--by Yami-chan!
by Eknock!--by PRGuitarman!--by PRGuitarman!--by Crimson Angel!--by Junoluver!--By Bill Holbrook of Kevin and Kell - Gin's "Get out of Jaws Free" Badge from participating in the Sunday Family Dinner program.--by Applemint!--by Pikachuashnat! So cute!--by Castform!
by Norkia!--by Kanamai!--by Dinosaurgomeow!--by Obakehoshi!--by Dragonix_814!--by Wolvenillusion!--by MJ Neko!--by Frugrow!--by Avahcado
by Starlena!--by Infaru!--by Pikachuashnat!--by Starlena!--by Jaimonster!--by HatDance!--by Myly!--by LKRobinson!--by Soshi!
by Lissiechan!--by Miki!--by Miki!--by Miki!--by Miki!--Commission by Heathah!--TKSama!--Commission by Aiji!--by Witchiebunny!----
by Rinta!--by Robocoon!--by Circlemeats!--by Staraptor!--by Nefhithiel!--by Kitsunekaya--by Enzan Chaud!--by Junoluver!--by Junoluver!--
by DivineFanaticy!--by Gigi!--By Bill Holbrook of Kevin and Kell - Gin and Mabo on the back of the latest book!------------------------------
(see more shots of the soshi plush by pikachuashnat by clicking here!)

still art

really really old art + original gai-gin comics (originally "published" in a JSP-made 'zine in spring 2005)

special art and comics

art from the "LJ people" series

animated theme!
(can be downloaded for full quality by clicking here)


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