, where we know japan has more to it than just pocky, hot guys, and plenty of magical girl anime. Stuff on life in Japan, study abroad and homestay in Japan, dating Japanese boys in Japan, apartment shopping in Japan, and Japan.
fuckin' itai!!! GAI-GIN.COM ROCKS!!!
fuckin' itai!!!
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These are some columns about Japan that I've written for the benefit of anyone caring to read or trying to get some advice. Please enjoy.

The Basics to Understanding Gai-Gin (Help! I don't know Osaka from my own ass!)
Visit here if you really don't know Osaka from your own ass. Or just come look to see a list of vocab words used in the comic so far, and a map with all of the most important places in Japan according to Gai-Gin, listed just for you, with handy facts and useless commentary!

So You're Thinking of Overstaying Your Visa
One day or ten years over, it doesn't make a difference - overstaying your visa is one way to guarantee a fun adventure for your remaining time in Japan. Let's take a look into the fun, fun world of Visa Overstay and why putting it off until it's too late is the coolest thing you can do! 

NARA is Better Than Everyone's Mother
This is a bunch of reasons why you should visit Nara, in Kansai (southern Japan). Here is a photo guide to Japan's ancient capital and - in's humble opinion - the best place Japan has to offer!

All I Need to Know I Learned from my Japanese Boy (under construction)
They say owning a dog or cat can extend your life many years beyond those who don't keep a pet. I think having a Japanese Boy has quite the same affect. Here's all I know about this unique, special breed of male, why they are wonderful, and how to figure them out (as far as I know). Straight guys might feel gay reading this one, but there is helpful information on dating Japanese for any gender.

 is pretty sweet.

Studying Abroad and all Those Things
You wanna learn Japanese in Japan, do you? No better way to fly. Here's information on the school I went to, how to get in, why it's a good/bad idea, homestaying, and basically yeah, just a big huge pimpout of the school *I* have attended here in Nappan.

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