, where we know japan has more to it than just pocky, hot guys, and plenty of magical girl anime. Stuff on life in Japan, study abroad and homestay in Japan, dating Japanese boys in Japan, apartment shopping in Japan, and Japan.
fuckin' itai!!! GAI-GIN.COM ROCKS!!!
fuckin' itai!!!
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The Basics to Understanding Gai-Gin
Gin: "Kansai is my favourite place ever."
A People: "The restaurant?"

Here is a map of Japan to help you understand some of the stories in the comic, and also just to understand. In general. General understanding.

Hokkaido>>> Cold and pretty. Think "Milo and Otis", because it was filmed in Hokkaido! Lots of cows. Like Pennsylania in lots of ways. Nothing much like the rest of Japan.

Honshū>>>The Main Island.

Kantou (a region in Honshuu)... land of stick-up-the-ass.
Asaka: Where Gin lives now.
Chiba: Where Tokyo Disneyland is, and also Narita Airport. That's right - neither is actually in Tokyo! Where Sarah the Jew lives.
Yokohama: A famous harbor. Where Soshi lives!

(also a region in Honshuu) of no morals.
Kyoto: A place everything thinks is better than Nara. In reality it's just better for tourist traps. OH SNAP!
Osaka: Heart of the land with no morals. You can't not love it! EIGHT HOURS FROM TOKYO by bus. 2.5 hours by Shinkansen.
Nara: BETTER THAN KYOTO. Deer. One of the oldest capitals of Japan, and many of its residents think it still is. Pyon is from here.

Hiroshima: =(
Utsunomiya: Famous for GYOUZA!

Shikoku>>>'Tis the smallest of Japan's four islands! Has deer on it. Nara's deer are better. :( I'm biased.

Kyūshū>>>Everything below the rest of Japan. Includes Nagasaki (where there is a Pokemon Center!) and Okinawa, where America is currently like, "You's our ho's". Very good place to go to vacation according to many Japanese travel agencies.

I don't understand that word you used.
Well then come! Learn! See! Do!
I will add to this list when I use a new Japanese word in Gai-Gin!

Ema (絵馬)
Prayer Tablets (at a Shrine)

Purikura (プリクラ)
"Print Club", picker stickers

Shinkansen (新幹線)
Bullet Train

2-chome (nichome, 二丁目)
Gay district in Shinjuku. No, really!

Gyouza (餃子)
Pot Stickers, Chinese Dumplings

Yaki-imo (焼き芋)
Stone cooked Japanese sweet potatoes.

Taiyaki (タイ焼き)
Small soft cakes filled with custard or sweet bean paste.

I've probably used more and forgotten. I'll go through and add whatever I forgot later on!
Or you could tell me what I forgot :D Thanks!
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