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So You're Thinking of Overstaying Your Visa

Before I explain anything, let me give you a handy visual aid on what WILL happen if you overstay your visa. It is the layout too so you now get a double whammy of reality:

See the image. Memorize it. Don't be like Gin; don't overstay your stupid visa!!

[ Introduction to Visas & Immigration(s) ]
[ "Horror" Stories ]
[ Gin's Story ]
[ Fact or Fiction? ]

Introduction to Visas & Immigration

What's all this about?
This is my article about Visa and Immigration in relation to Japan, and it will probably make it seem like Japan is especially evil and racist, and I hate this country very much. Well, that is NOT what I want you to get away from this. Racism and harsh Immigration policies are found in PLENTY of countries, including my own America. Japan is not especially evil. If you want to read about my life in Japan and try to gauge how it has been for me so far, that is what my comic archive is there for. This article is about one especially bad thing that happened in my life, due to my own fault and a flawed Immigration system. In "Horror" Stories you can find an article about some college kids who overstayed visas in Japan. In Gin's Story, you can find my account of what happened/is happening to me in regards to my visa right now. In Fact or Fiction? you will find a sort of FAQ to clear some things up and answer questions I've gotten from folks who had read my article and contacted me.

So...Show Me a Thing
If you have traveled abroad often, you are probably already pretty familiar with this stuff. For those of you reading who haven't traveled much, don't own a passport yet, or have traveled without ever really looking at the thing, here's a lowdown.

<>What Is a Visa?
On the left is the definition of a visa as written into the second page of a passport. To the right is a real in-the-flesh visa with lots of important looking numbers crossed out. If you are curious about how to get a visa or how you can tell when your visa is about to run out, you can continue reading to find out. I won't skip you down to it. Read the Horror Stories before you try to get a damn visa.

Now that you've seen, onto those scary, but true, tales of "terror"...

This is an ongoing article project. Please send me your own stories or ask me any questions and I'll answer them for you. Email is (Take out the NOSPAMPLEASE part).

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